Air France New Campaign Is So Chic

Air France New Campaign Is So Chic

C’est magnifique!

Airline ads are mostly dull. Better seats, better service, smiling stewardesses… we get it. It’s always the same story. Air France, however, is kicking it up a notch with this new fabulous campaign that dips into France’s history and culture.

The ads are truly beautiful, featuring themes of Marie Antoinette, Moulin Rouge, haute cuisine, and haute couture. Everything is styled to the detail with yummy bright colors. And let’s not forget the fashion, don’t these ads make you wanna pack your bags for a Parisian shopping trip?! Job well done, Air France.

Oh btw, don’t expect any of this to be present in Economy Class; only Business and First Class service is featured. Economy travelers still have to deal with crappy seats, crying babies and horrible food. C’est la vie!





And as an extra, 12 posters depicting iconic Air France destinations.


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