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Beauty Tuesdays

Sabon Body Butter Review

Recently, I stocked up on my Sabon essentials and got a chunk of the Body Butter to try at home. I tested it this morning and I have to share my thoughts with you.

The Body Butter is something else. It’s the thickest body moisturizer that I’ve come across. Basically, its consistency is of cold butter. So, you need a spatula or something similar to dig the desired amount out of the gold bar shaped container.



If you succeed in catapulting a piece out of it, it’s then time to start massaging in the product. You REALLY have to go at it: it’s THICK. But when you succeed, the result is heavenly, especially for dry spots like elbows and knees. The Body Butter moisturizes like there is no tomorrow. Trust me, the driest skin possible will be replenished.

Therefore, I would definitely recommend the Body Butter for extremely dry skin. For any other skin type, this product is too much. Way… too much.

By the way, I tried the Mango Kiwi version. It’s delicious! Other options are Vanilla Coconut, Lavender, Lemon Mint, and Patchouli/Lavender/Vanilla.

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