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Beauty Tuesdays

Rituals Pink Petals Dishwashing Liquid Review

I hear you thinking… Dishwashing liquid? From Rituals? Yes, besides the well known cosmetics the Dutch wellness company also has a kitchen line of hand soaps and dishwashing liquids. Intrigued as I was, I decided to try the Pink Petals Dishwashing Liquid. You can also choose from scents Bamboo Treasure and Divine Dishes, but you know me, pink is my color.

Pink Petals is advertised as a “mild and gentle washing up liquid based on active vegetable ingredients”. Meaning: the ingredients are biodegradable and the environment will be spared. Here comes the beauty part of it: the liquid also promises to take care of your hands while spreading a delicious aroma of White Musk and Muguet.

Delicious Smell
So, does it work? Yes. The dishes get cleaned while your hands don’t dry out. They actually felt moisturized. But my favorite aspect of it all is the smell. Washing up never smelled so yummy.

All in all, a fun product that will brighten that daily ritual that you usually hate.

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