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Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream Review

If you want a decent moisturizing face cream that will do the trick for your sensitive/dry skin but don’t want to overspend, then this is the product for you.

15 Minerals
Vichy Aqualia Thermal combines Vichy thermal water and its 15 rare minerals with Shea butter. And to add a fancy technological touch, the cream is also enriched with Aquabioryl, which is supposed to increase the hydration of the present ingredients. Overall, Vichy promises that your skin will stay smooth and silky for up to 48 hours.

Good Value
The result is good. The cream is easily applied, smells nice and fresh, and deeply hydrates your skin. Dry skin will immediately feel replenished. However, I can’t say the feeling will last for two days, but that was a lofty promise anyway.

Big plus: the cream also comes in a tube, which prevents the ingredients in your cream from going ‘bad’. Always remember: oxygen is any cream’s worst enemy.

A 40ml tube in Holland sells for €13,80 here. Not bad, right?

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