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Beauty Tuesdays

Top 5 Body Creams

It’s winter. You’re cold. Your skin is cold. Nothing is then more soothing than a nourishing body cream that will pamper you and your skin during these long dark winter days.

Here’s my current top 5 of body creams:

5. Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

When you buy something from Clinique you can count on it to be decent, effective and non-irritating. So, the same can be said of this product. The Deep Comfort Body Butter is there to do what it promises: deeply moisturize your skin. Enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, it is a hydrating monster. And of course, as always with Clinique, it’s fragrance free.

4. Lush Dream Cream

It’s called Dream Cream for a good reason: it contains a heavenly mix of oat milk, lavender, chamomile, olive oil and cocoa butter. All these amazing ingredients will heal any irritated or dry skin.  Plus, most ingredients are natural. Don’t trust me? Trust the thousands who bought it: it’s Lush’s number one selling product of all time.

3. Sabon Butter Cream Musk

God, I just love Sabon. Every product is so luxurious that you instantly feel like Cleopatra herself. Speaking of Cleopatra, I’m confident she would approve of this body gem. The Butter Cream Musk is perfect as a daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin. So, expect a creamy texture without the heaviness. Oh, and the smell: so fresh and aromatic. Just as the level of hydration, Musk is perfect as an everyday scent.  Main ingredients: shea butter and cacao.

2. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
Just like Lush Dream Cream, this one is also a bestseller. Shea Body Butter is a heavy duty moisturizer that can lift up the driest skin. Obviously, the main ingredient is shea butter, which is community fair trade. The smell is yummy nutty.

1. Ahava Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

And now it’s time for my favorite one: Dermud Nourishing Body Cream from Ahava. Remember that name, buy it, worship it. I know I do. The theory: it contains Dead Sea mud, Dead Sea minerals and shea butter. The reality: it is heaven in a tube. If you have dry and irritated skin, and nothing helps, you need to try this cream. It just instantly makes my dry skin feel healthy again. It’s like my skin lets out a sigh of relief when I apply this miracle worker. And I love, no LOVE, the smell. It smells like a spa at the Dead Sea would smell, if that makes any sense. Freshness is the best description, I guess. All in all, my number one this winter!

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