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Sabon Carrot Moisturizing Face Cream Review

Even though I’m a big a fan of Sabon, I’ve never experienced any of their face products, until today. After hearing some good buzz about their Carrot Moisturizing Face Cream I decided to try it myself. Nothing gets me more excited, save for Ben Cohen, than the promise of a good beauty product.

The Carrot Moisturizing Face Cream is reportedly rich in carrot seed oil, vitamin-E and beta carotene. A powerful combination that should nourish and protect your skin. Carrot seed oil is hailed for its hydrating, youthifying and toning properties. Some also claim that it calms problematic skin and prevents acne breakouts.  Vitamin-E is obviously essential for any healthy skin, while beta carotene (also from carrots) aids the formation of pigments that will protect your delicate skin from the sun. To give the cream an extra hydrating punch cocoa butter has also been added.

Moisture Surge
And now the results. First impressions are of a deliciously creamy moisturizer. The texture is of a thick sorbet that feels like heaven on your skin. My skin immediately felt moisturized. And you don’t need much of it, as its consistency is heavy. Therefore, I would mostly recommend it for dry and sensitive skin types. During cold winters probably also useful for normal skin.

The smell is delish. It’s like putting a vanilla/cocoa desert on your face. Be aware: if you’re more into light and fresh aromas, then this one is not for you.

The carrot seed oil also seems to do its work. As someone who has sensitive skin with the occasional breakout, the cream definitely calmed and toned my skin. The result: hydrated, calm and smooth skin. The added bonus is a subtle glow that will last for hours.

Conclusion: a rich and luxurious moisturizer that smells like vanilla pudding – perfect for dry skin.

Well, there you go, once again a Sabon product that I definitely love. They have yet to disappoint me.

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