Designers are fed up with New York Fashion Week

Designers are fed up with New York Fashion Week

Wannabe fashionistas are the biggest annoyance.

Anyone who has ever been to the New York Fashion Week, including yours truly, can adhere to the following: every year in February the fashion event at Lincoln Center (previously Bryant Park) turns into a sweaty and crowded extravaganza full with somebodies and a whole lot of nobodies who got in trough the backdoor. You can interpret that in any way you want.

For years guest have been complaining about the frenzy but now also designers seem to be fed up with the current state of the extremely popular fashion week. Carolina Herrera is one of them. Confiding with The New York Times, she confessed that she was considering not showing at the tents at Lincoln Center coming February. According to the queen of elegance, the fashion week has “gotten too commercial, too much like a trade show”. She was backed by fashion veteran Oscar de la Renta, who also complained about the “megashows”.

While Carolina Herrera is still contemplating her next move, Vera Wang has already made her decision. She has said a big farewell to Lincoln Center and will be showing at some other location in NYC in February.

IMG Fashion, which organizes the yearly fashion shebang, has promised changes to combat the circus atmosphere. For example, the amount of seats for every show will be reduced, while adding more backstage space. Obviously, the number of invitees will plummet, and the main victims will be the fashion bloggers, who are seen as major wannabes in the fashion world.

Anna Wintour will be pleased, I’m sure. Sharing air with internet celebrities is a big no-no, after all.

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