Donatella is one of the #STUDSLADIES

Donatella is one of the #STUDSLADIES

The Versace queen beats GaGa at being Donatella.

Since GaGa became the face of the Italian fashion house Versace she has been steadily transforming into the long lost twin sister of Donatella Versace, minus 40 years. Versace Gaga basically looks like how Donatella wishes she looked like: plastic, young, and fierce. Here’s GaGa channeling eternal youth for the new eyewear line #STUDSLADIES.


However, it seems Donatella finally came to her senses that nobody does Donatella better than Donatella herself as an Italian PR gay just released the picture above of Donatella showing off the same pair as GaGa. And let’s be honest: the real thing always trumps the imitation.

Don’t ya think?!


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