Kate Moss goes naked, again

Kate Moss goes naked, again

With Terry Richardson behind the camera.

Even though Kate Moss already stripped for Playboy last year to celebrate her 40th birthday, the supermodel decided that we still haven’t seen enough of her boobies and can now be seen naked again in a new spread by French men’s magazine called Lui.

The cover shows Moss from the back, bare, sitting in a director’s chair. The cover also folds out with three extra poses: Kate with her face onwards and breasts out, Kate looking across her shoulders, and Kate with her legs up. The latter is still kept from the public. I guess you have to actually pay for that cookie. The magazine goes on sale today.

Kate looks great and all, but what’s the point to all of this? We have already seen it all and the shoot is so bland. And can Terry Richardson for once stop raping models with his camera? One big whatever, IMHO.

Source: Lui Magazine

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