Solange’s clutch has been renamed ‘worth fighting for’

Solange’s clutch has been renamed ‘worth fighting for’

British designer Anya Hindmarch is a genius!

The karate fight between Solange Knowles and Jay-Z is pure comic gold that has been entertaining us for days now. And as with any high profile story, everybody tries to profit from it. Including luxury British accessories brand Anya Hindmarch, which just released an ad renaming the clutch that Solange carried that faithful night as “worth fighting for”.

The accessory in question is the Crisp Packet clutch, a killer metal bag retailing for £995. It even had a starring role in the already legendary video: the clutch flies out of Solange’s hands at one point, then Jay-Z picks it up and tries to hand it back to her.

As far as commercial exploitations go, this one is hilarious. Bravo, Anya Hindmarch.

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