The Adidas Originals collection for Topshop is here

The Adidas Originals collection for Topshop is here

Let’s get sporty!

The Sport Luxe trend, combining sport elements with luxury, has never been hotter. Basically, the hippest thing you can do right now is go out to lunch with your gals wearing a pimped up track suit. Preferably from Chanel.

So, the Adidas Originals collaboration with Topshop couldn’t have come at a better time. The 20-piece collection combines Adidas’ iconic athletic style with Topshop’s feminine street style.

“Topshop and Adidas Originals working together is a total celebration of the greatness of fashion and sportswear and how important and influential they are to each other”, according to Topshop creative director Kate Phelan.

The result: Adidas t-shirts, sweats and shorts you are used to, with added colors and graphics. I feel this is a missed opportunity. IMHO, the colors and graphics are kind of ugly. Plus, I expected more. The sport aspect is still too dominating – where is the fashion or luxury?!

I expected this:

SportLuxeAlexander Wang/Isabel Marant/Sportmax

But, we got this:








The collection goes on sale March 20th at Topshop.

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