The Hot List Fall/Winter 2014

The Hot List Fall/Winter 2014

Welcome to our second trend update of this year!

Brought to you by Ms. Özüm Canel – trend observer, Pinterest lover, actress and into all kinds of beauty.

Last season was all about the Pineapple. Also, it was about fine, thinly shaped, jewelry. This season, it’s all much more big and bold. The winter is about getting noticed, yeah!

I got Big Pearls and I cannot lie

nastygal products
Not those small little cutesy and kind of boring pearls, no, this trend is about them BIG pearls. The ones that WILL get noticed and make a statement. Almost Rock & Roll. Now, we would all like to own some Chanel, but until then feast up on these awesome BIG pearl items.

HMbroekFor instance, a matching necklace and bracelet or just a nice ring. Although this trend is more associated with accessories you can also find some pearly decoration on clothes. See these H&M “girlfriend” jeans, wonder why it’s called girlfriend… Clearly a reference to the boyfriend jeans.

modemusthavesasos pearl ring






alice oliviaOn the more expensive spectrum the brand Alice + Olivia has made a very cute skater dress covered in pearls, yet thanks to the deep back cut it also has some sexiness added to it.

To top this trend off you need a good pair of heels. These sexy soft pink suede and pearly shoes will do the trick.





Spiritual / cosmic / space – trend

ea189a5349b1783878c0c7e0d15526e5I find this trend a bit undefinable, but after I have explained to you what it is I think you will totally get it. It’s like new new-age. Or perhaps nouveau bohemian, or gypsy après la lettre?

If you ask me, it signals the age of cosmic enlightenment: we are searching for the holistic meaning of life, again. This trend is a testimony of that. You will find products with names such as “Yuna”, “Alchemy”, “Solstice”, “Moon” or “Fire”. When encountering these terms on products you know that it is THIS undefinable spiritual trend…




gemsIt started with the heavy attention towards crystals. Man, how could we ever forget about them? Downright beautiful, in amazing shapes, and they have “special” powers, or energies, as some might say. If you want to read more about the meaning of these stones read this.

Ok, so crystals are cool, but there is more to this trend. It also entails moon shapes or weird pagan symbols. Sometimes this “undefinable spiritual/cosmic” trend is more literal in forms of prints on t-shirts like this one or you can wear a milky way dress.


collageTo understand this trend better listen to this description of the “Yuna” necklace on “the stars have aligned to bring you the bohemian-inspired necklace you’ve been dreaming of. The Yuna necklace has a gold chain, etched silver pendant, and dangling crystal in gold encasement. Wear it alone to make it pop, or layer it up with crystals and turquoise to unleash some magic.” Now you get it, right?




dishYou can also galaxify your nails, here’s the tutorial. Or you can opt to wear the whole space installation. This trend is easily implemented into home decoration. Placing crystals speaks for itself. But these cute little cosmic/spiritual accessories will spice up your home. Like this cute little dish or this insinuating cushion. Also, a NEW meaning to sleeping under the stars is brought to you by this Etsy shop where they make galaxy duvets; groovy!





Latest new TOFU

chickpea tofuOk, so all this talk about moon, stars and crystals has made me light headed… Which brings me on the subject of food. My favorite! As I mentioned in my other article, trends are everywhere, thus in food too. For what are trends but nothing more than signals of our culture.

Soooo, the latest craze is a new kind of tofu. Yeah. Chickpea tofu! It’s like a fake-meat-fake-tofu replacer. I mean, you may laugh, but then again cutting back a bit on your soy intake might be a good idea. Plus, chickpea is very good for your intestines. I think this is the hottest new thing, edibly speaking. A recipe you can find here.

And let me bring to your attention a new kind of superfood that could get interesting this season: mmmmmoringa. It’s a green leaf powder from the Moringa tree, or “Miracle Tree”, in Africa. It’s super high in protein. Thus, great for the whatever-kind of tofu eaters 😉 Read more about it and check out some recipes in this Glamour Magazine article.

Lotions and potions

goldBefore I continue with some other essential fashion trends I want to add a new category: that of beauty products. Now, these months are tough on the skin, as you know. So, smearing thick crèmes is essential. But I find, unfortunately, the older you get the more your skin needs. It made me discover the world of serums. And let me tell you, these things work… They renew your skin. But some do even more than that.

I am totally in love with this product by Guerlain. It’s a kind of serum, though they call it a “radiance concentrate” with pure gold. This product really makes you feel like a million bucks!

Other great serums that I recommend are Clinique’s Turnaround and Lancaster’s 365 Cellular Elixir.


collage_20140928130639050Top + Skirt = the new Dress

The most beautiful version of this trend was worn by Modern Family star Sarah Hyland at this year’s Emmys. You can recreate this look with this skirt and this top. Even though we might not have an occasion ourselves to dress as fabulously as Sarah, there are some other ways to wear this trend. Perhaps though not in the coldest of months…

A cool version in autumn colors or in flower print can be found on Or see this style that combines the plaid-trend with the 90’s Clueless kind of look.


This trend can be too cute, if used in minimal amounts. The best way is to implement it as a cardigan. This one is fabulous. Or as a sexy crop top on top of a mini skirt.

It quickly can become over the top. A funny, yet strange, way are these furry shoes.

Really, be very careful about taking this trend too far or you will end up looking like a stuffed teddy bear. Let me tell you: human teddy bear? Not so cute! You will look like fashion road-kill… No one wants to be a victim.

There you have it! These are the cutting edge trends of this season. Use them thoughtfully and you will look stunning and edgy. Go overboard and it will look horrible. For those people; you are in luck ‘cause Halloween is around the corner 😉


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