The making of Victoria’s fashion empire (VIDEO)

The making of Victoria’s fashion empire (VIDEO)

This is how you win over the fashion industry. 

Good old Vic has come a long way. From a Spice Girl and a football wife with questionable taste, to a respectable fashion designer. You gotta giver her credit. Who knew this chav Barbie with plastic boobs from 2004 was capable of having style?

But Victoria surprised us all and especially the fashion industry by debuting her prêt-à-porter line at the 2008 New York Fashion Week to highly positive reviews. 5 years later the Victoria Beckham brand is still going strong with a sizable fashion following.

And now there is also a documentary: The Victoria Beckham Fashion Story, in collaboration with Skype. It chronicles Vic’s rise to fashion prominence during the last 5 years. The launch is on January 30th.

For now we have this preview to get us excited. Looks good. But I must say, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t capture the moment and especially the faces of Mel B, Mel C, Geri and Emma when Vic told them that she is ditching them, forever. That would have been golden tv. Oh, well.

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