Beauty Tuesdays

Beauty Tuesdays

Nails Inc. by Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is living proof that miracles do happen. In the last couple of years she has transformed herself from Posh Spice with a questionable taste to a respected fashion mogul. Who would have ever thought this girl would turn into a successful British Fashion Award winning designer with two high-end lines and a stunning flagship store in London?! As if that wasn’t enough for now, Vicky is expanding her empire with a a chic nails collection.


The line, in collaboration with Nails Inc., will be released under the more affordable Victoria by Victoria Beckham brand. Initially, only two shades are pending to hit the stores coming February: nude Bamboo White and blasting Judo Red. Of course, the packaging is just as chic as the colors, sporting elegant, pure, sleek lines.

Can’t wait until next year? The polish is already available online.

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