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Beauty Tuesdays

Ahava Dead Sea Mud Review

The first time I laid my eyes on the Dead Sea and its magical appearance I fell in love. It’s just of another world with its mystic green color, heavily salted water, and desert surroundings.

Healing Power of Minerals
The Dead Sea is not just beautiful in itself, it can also aid in your own beauty. The Dead Sea water and mud are known for their impressive amount of minerals and healing powers for your skin. People from all around the world flock to the Dead Sea to bath in its waters and cover themselves in its mud. They believe it to heal skin aliments like acne and psoriasis, and improve hydration, juvenility, and overall health and appearance of the skin.

100% Dead Sea Mud
Now  you can experience this wonder without even leaving the country. Luckily, Ahava brings the mud to you. The Ahava Dead Sea Mud comes in a 400g/13,6 oz package filled with pure Dead Sea mud. Since this is 100% unrefined mud, it’s best used on your body – facial skin can be too sensitive for this product.

Healthy Skin
The mud will remove all excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt and toxins. The result is a healthy, fresh and soft skin. Any acne-like imperfections will disappear. Your skin complexion will improve. You can also say bye-bye to dry, ugly patches. Since, I don’t suffer from skin aliments like psoriasis, I can not comment on its effect on that – you would just have to trust the impecable word-of-mouth and try it for yourself.

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