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Beauty Tuesdays

Review Sabon Face Polisher

I’m a big fan of scrubs. For your feet, body, face, everything. It’s the perfect way to get rid of the dirt and dead skin that has accumulated on your skin from all the hard work you have been doing – a.k.a. being fabulous.

A good facial scrub is Sabon’s Face Polisher. The creamy texture contains small mint beads that will gently exfoliate your skin. Mint oil and lemongrass are also in there to provide heavenly refreshment. Use this in the morning after a heavy night of socializing and you will instantly wake up.

The polisher is advertised as suitable for normal to oily skin. However, I’ve experienced it to be also perfect for dry skin, like mine. It’s gentle enough and does not dry out, while it still does its job. I guess the secret ingredient is glycerin, which protects the skin from moisture loss.

Plus, as we have come to expect from Sabon, the product comes in a pretty vintage-like package that will only enhance your spa experience.

For in the Netherlands:

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