The Hot List

The Hot List

These trends are the bomb right now!

By Özüm Canel – Blogger, Pinterest-fanatic, and actress.


You heard it right, this vitamin and detox bomb is not only good for the body and refreshing on hot summer days, it is nowadays perhaps even hotter to wear than to eat. There is something strangely sexy about this prickly fruit.


Anything that has a pineapple on it seems to be trendy. Of course interiors are not left without. Decorating your home with pineapple stuff is also hot hot hot! Wipe your mouth with these napkins.  Or carry around stuff on this cute tray.

ananas dienblad tray

And with this cushion you can even sit on a pineapple. If you want to make a real statement about knowing what’s ON TREND than wear this shirt. The message is clear.

je suis pineapple tshirt

But some items seem to go towards the ridiculous. Not all things that have a pineapple on it are cute. Like, this and this.

Though, I fear deeply for this new found love. I have a feeling some other fruits may catch up with this trend. Pineapple craze; you have been warned!

banaan tas concurrent fruit


If you have not heard this word before you have no clue about trendy stuff! It’s the age of the geometric figures, again. After the chevron adoration last season, and the still ever presence of the triangle, it is now all about the hexagon shape. A six angled figure that is rediscovered to make you look fashion forward in 2014.

If you want to combine two trends this is a must-have; a hexagonal knuckle ring (even though the latter is last year’s trend, it is still considered über cool).

Of course, interior decoration is not left behind, here is an expensive plate to show you know the deal and make your home ooze luxury.

hexagon plate
Or a side table to complete the look.


Ok, so the summer is around the corner, clothes are going to become less and less important, but not your accessories! Beyoncé sprouted this trend seasons ago, but now it has arrived to the masses. You wear your bikini: check, and on top of it now you wear your body harness too: check! Summer goddess is the word we hear now… and summer breezes… we can’t wait for it to get warmer.

Your choices, inexpensive and simple:

body harness

Or extravagant and lush. While you’re at it, add this high arm bracelet and hand panja (I bet you don’t know what that is, do I have to spell everything out???) to show your trend awareness.


fish taco

Well, a pineapple is fine to look at, but what about our stomachs? Fashion and trends don’t go well together with food, but still a trend is a trend no matter what kind… I’ve happened to notice this “normal” eating style in the USA, but the rest of the world has yet to catch on and has no idea about fish taco’s.

It is delicious! And totally sounds healthy. You can use salmon filet or any kind of white fish, even shrimps! A new way to eat in style, we are a-l-w-a-y-s curious about that. Check this neat recipe here for the salmon kind  and this one for the white fish variation.



Yes, it sounds erotic and I wouldn’t want to end this in depth article with a plant, but I am ‘cause it is… a plant. But so hot right now it is kind of ridiculous. If you don’t own a succulent at home you have been living under a rock!

It is so hot that making cupcakes look like them is somehow cute too. I’m not so sure I agree on this, that might be taking this trend a little bit too far. But what are trends without some people taking it over the edge of reason.

Since we’re talking plants I have to add some additional “plant” trends. Are you still with me? I’m bored too… But knowledge is power, as you know. So another thing to look out for are terrariums, preferably with air plants, Zzzzzzzzz…

Sincerely apologizing for this end note, but where else could I have put such a trend? Anyway, stay tuned for next season’s trends as we will keep you posted!

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