The Best Eye Concealers

The Best Eye Concealers

Battle those nasty dark circles!

Ladies, fellas of the fun sexual orientation and straight men who actually care: are you sick of looking like you were hit by a bus every Monday morning?! Do your colleagues wonder after every weekend if you perhaps have been partying a bit too hard because your face looks like you have been doing shots and tricks all weekend?! Then it’s time to start using a good under-eye concealer.

Here are BDR’s top 4 concealers:


4. Touche Éclat by YvesYSL_touche_eclat Saint Laurent
Much has been said and written about this famous product. The thing is, it is not really a concealer but an illuminator. Therefore it should also be used as one. This means that if you have very dark circles and you expect this to cover them completely you will be disappointed. Touche Éclat is perfect for the lucky ones who don’t need a lot of coverage or if you simply want your eyes to look a bit more awake. As an illuminator it does its job well.


Clinique_Airbrush_Concealer3. Airbrush Concealer by Clinique
A decent, not-too-expensive, under-eye concealer that provides coverage for light to medium dark circles. It’s easily applied with the brush applicator and blends rather well. However, it can get flaky after some time, especially if you have dry skin. Furthermore, it has a bit of a chemical smell. After all, Clinique doesn’t use perfume in their products. It’s not terribly awful, and the no-perfume formula is especially perfect for you if you have sensitive, allergic prone skin.


estee_lauder_ideal_light2. Ideal Light by Estee Lauder
This product does everything that Clinique does but with some extras. For one, it does not smell. But more importantly, it does not cake or flake at all! It is extremely smooth and it sets perfectly. It provides a very natural result. One of the best.



bobbi_brown_corrector1. Corrector by Bobbi Brown
If you have really bad dark circles then this is the product for you. Its coverage is the best. The texture is creamy and smooth, ideal for drier skin. It will not flake or set in lines. Nor does it look unnatural or like you have ton of make up on. The only downside is the packaging. Unlike the other concealers this one does not come in a brush applicator so you will need an additional brush to apply. Furthermore, it’s good to know while Bobbi Brown advises this to be used as an corrector under an additional concealer I have found that it works sufficiently on its own as a concealer, without an additional concealer product on top of it. Especially if you want to keep it natural looking.

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