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Beauty Tuesdays

Review Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist

If your skin ever needs hydration but you don’t feel like applying a thick cream all over your body, then this product might be just perfect for you.

Ahava’s Dry Oil Body Mist is a hydrating oil mist that will instantly leave your skin feeling soft. Just spray some here and there, preferably directly after showering when the skin is still a bit moist, let it dry for 10 seconds, and you’re done. No endless rubbing.

Your skin will get an instant hydration kick, without the greasy feeling. Sesame seed oil, vitamin E and dunaliella algae do all the hard work.

The best part of this product, though, are the glow and smell. You want that Beyonce glow? Well, this baby does the trick. It gives the skin a kicker shine. And the smell. Yum. The combination of mandarin and cedar-oil is just delish.

Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist is the ideal product for some major pampering on the weekends.

For Holland, order it here. Rest of the world, check

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