Kate Winslet looks fierce on Vogue

Kate Winslet looks fierce on Vogue

But the anti-airbrush crowd is not happy.

Oscar winner and very pregnant Kate Winslet is on the cover of November Vogue with a dramatic spread inside.  However, it is not the spread that is gaining attention but the cover, which is obviously airbrushed to death. Critics point out that every wrinkle, blemish or natural feature has been eradicated by Vogue’s Photoshop army.

Well, duh. What did they expect? How many times do we have to repeat this? Every fashion/beauty cover out there has been manipulated. And, it’s Vogue! Do you really think Anna Wintour, the woman who has elevated perfection to another level, would allow such a thing like wrinkles.

Anyway, let’s be honest, if you would be on the cover, you would sell your soul for the same treatment these celebrities get. Nobody wants to look like road kill on Vogue.

While I like the cover, the fashion used for the spread is fugly. Are those drapes that she is wearing?

Images: Vogue and Mario Testino

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