Want to see a 55-year-old ass?

Want to see a 55-year-old ass?

Madonna will show you!

Our Queen (yes, GaGa, if you’re still here in 25 years we’ll talk) has blessed the world, once again, by showing her ripped senior body, including tits and ass. All in a bondage theme. It’s what Madge does best.

Who better than Terry Richardson to shoot these perverted images. The pictures are from the Harper’s Bazaar shoot for November’s “The Daring Issue”.

For those sourpusses who will complain that Madonna is too old for this kind of shit, you are just jealous that your ass will never in a million years look this good at 55. And it’s not like it’s totally out there, bare, there are stockings and a piece of leather covering the Royal jewels.

Images: Harper’s Bazaar

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